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AR&D Members

Dr. Raymond L. Barrett Jr. PHD PE
Jay D. Moser Sr
Holder of 34 patents
Holder of 4 patents
Highly skilled in Analog and Digital design
utilizing CMOS, BCD, BiCMOS, SOI processes
Highly skilled in Analog design utilizing
Bipolar CMOS BiCMOS BCD and SOI processes.
Vast experience in Project Management.
Vast experience in Project Management
IC and board level design
IC and Board level designer
Wide variety of Schematic Capture and
Circuit Smulation Tools




IC, Board, and Package Level Designs
Layout Critique
Design Critique
PE Courses through
Academic Relationships

Project Management
Open Source Tools
Outside the Box Projects




We are proud members of the following organizations:
IEEE    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
CNET  Boston Consultants Network
CNET-NH Consultants Network of New Hampshire